Thunder Laser rotary

Ok I’ve been having trouble with the rotary. Most things come out stretched. I’ve read and watched literally everything on the topic. So I messaged thunder. They said since I have a 5 pin plug and a 4:1 rotary, that lightburn won’t work with it. I have done a few things mostly names ECT where I’ve created them myself on Tumblers. I did a wine bottle down it tho!!!
But lately every vector I do is super stretched…

I thought that looked fine… but thunder is saying I need to use rdworks with the rotary. I’ve never used it. Because I was turned onto lightburn when I got the machine a Nova 35

It’s really a Thunder thing but I think a LightBurn fix may be coming at some point.
Here is more from Thunder China (i know you saw this I’m just putting it out there for reference):

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Yeah I seen that. So better ask. Can I still create my stuff in lightburn… then just open rdworks for the rotary cut??

Oooohhhhh… You didn’t say anything about the rotary in your PM. I’m less confused now. You can technically still use LightBurn, but it’d be a pain in the butt. You’d have to manually resize the job in Y, and adjust the interval setting as well.

Thunder got a custom version of RDWorks that did the scaling in software instead of in the controller. I’ll have to ask them how the scale was handled and if there was any reference or it was just a trial and error thing.

Sorry yeah I should have mentioned the rotary… Long day!
Yes I downloaded the thunder version of rdworks … It sucks it’s like I’m back to using Windows 98…
I just stared playing with it today.
Brian and I did a bit of testing today with lightburn and rdworks trying to get either to set up without stretching the image. No luck…
I read you need to go into vendor setting and play around with the y numbers. I don’t think that’s for me…
That’s why I was hoping lightburn had a work around without stretching things so much

Can you help me with understanding of this.
Ok so Thunder laser said. If you have a 4.1 step roatry and a 5 pin connector. That lightburn will not work for cylindrical objects. Under what most people set the step number to is 16000 to 12000. I sent mine today ( in rdworks, and did the make a box then measure… By box didn’t have significant South growth till I got up to 38000 steps. So figured f it… I’ll keep going up till the box reached 20x20 . Obviously the Y is the only area with trouble. But I didn’t get a 20x20 box till I bit 56000 steps…

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