Tic-Tac-Toe drinking game!

Finally got time to finish my Tic-Tac-Toe drinking game!

Tried it out last night next door at my son’s house and it was a hit! I actually got 3 orders from his friends @ $25/ea!

$1.00 Dollar General cutting board
Maybe 20 cents in PLA to print the chips
I originally was going to use shot glasses for the chips but the time involved was too long, etching them.


Guess you’ll not be up to lasering so much then… :grin:

I found these cutting boards at the Dollar Tree in Toledo. They had just got a case of them in stock, so I bought 10 of them. I also bought some unfinished crosses in their crafts section!

Yeah, they have a ton of Chinese whitewood there. I’ve done hundreds of the small craft items, especially the wood blank keychains.

That’s great to hear about that…!

Yes you are right Tic Tac Toe takes the game to a whole new level.
Designed for two players, you are X, and your friend is O. Players take turns in placing their filled shot glasses in the empty squares. The first player to get three of their glasses in a row (up, down, across or diagonally) is the winner, and has the pleasure in inviting the loser to drink all of the shots on the board and Xs and Os drinking game rules.
A dead heat leads to both players drinking their own shots and the game is re-played if possible.