Tidy Up and Straighten Lines, Deleting sections

I traced the outline of a template I am trying to make. Unfortunately its very untidy the tags are all jaggered and uneven I would like to know how to tidy them up also i need the drill holes in the centr of the tags. I dont know how to just select the tags.
GSMc Outline.lbrn2 (13.0 KB)

You will need to do a little work, but you could start with
Select shape
Edit → Optimize shape

However, as you see the lines are not perfect then

Might be better to try to optimize better the trace
Can you post your original image?

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Hi Thank you for the advice. Still have lots to learn here is the original Image
Outline with Dimensions

GSMC Outline

Exactly what I was about to suggest, followed by a little node editing.

How do I do Node editing. I am assuming I can re draw the nodes so they tidy and fit

You’ll find the “Edit Node” tool here:


You’ll find documentation on the tool here:

I have now tidy up the shape the tab but I want to delete a line the instructions say however over the line and press D. However When I do that the whole shape is deleted

GSMc Outline.lbrn2 (9.9 KB)

I have re drawn it probably a long winded way but not sure how else to do it.

Now I am trying to work out how to delete the lines between the tab and box

You may have to click the line segment or node you want to delete.

I didn’t have any issues deleting lines or nodes myself. It might be worth practising a bit and maybe watching the video that’s on the documentation page I linked to a few times just to get the hang of it…

GSMc Outline.lbrn2 (9.2 KB)

I just could not get the nodes to delete I watched the video followed instructions and failed. So no doubt some practice is needed. I did However win by using the boolen features

You have a blueprint of your design. The only dimension missing is the chamfer size, and I scaled it off of your drawing at 3mm.

It’s fairly easy to draw your image in Lightburn.

  1. Draw 131.2mm line

  2. Array the line by 40.2mm on Y

  3. Draw 4.2mm diameter and place center on left point of bottom line

  4. Array the circle 2 in X and 2 in Y by 131.2mm X and 40.2mm Y

  5. Group the 4 circles and 2 lines

  6. Draw a 146.2mm x 15mm rectangle

  7. Put a 3mm rad in each corner

  8. Enter node editing, and change each rad to a straight line

  9. Array the rectangle by 40.2mm in Y and group results

  10. Draw a 116.2mm x 102.2mm rect

  11. Select the 3 groups

  12. Align vertical

  13. Align horizontal

  14. Select the rectangles and boolean weld.


Thank you Very much, This is amazing and easy to follow


Nicely done @RalphU. :slight_smile:


A good explanation and use of array.

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