Tile image flaking off

Using Norton process for lasering Tile. I have a few tiles where the image is flaking off for some reason.

Anyone know why?

The rest turn out perfect.

I’ve only really experienced this when I’ve gone back over an area that’s already been lasered. I expect you might get similar issues if you’re doing multiple passes or possibly if the power is too high. Someone who has more experience in this might have a better idea of what might be wrong.

I would second too high.
Tiles are covered in glaze, which is essentially colored glass. If you punch it with too much power it makes little explosions on the surface and blasts bits out.

A good photo or a scan on a flatbed laser might help us better though!

Laser causes the TiO2 to create a molecular bond to the glass… if you use too much heat, it can shatter the glass, too little heat and it won’t bond to the glass.


Thank you!

You all have given me good insight as to this issue.

Billie: I have noticed from time to time the little flashes while running, explosions if you will. I wondered what that was, now I know.

For my laser I get the best color “black” running at 1000 mm/min and 90% power. For the job I had issues.

Thanks again everyone.

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