Tile painting and baking

Well here it is, 2:35 am, sat. morning, (Texas time). I just now threw another batch of 12, 4"sq. tile in the OVEN. Yep, I bake my tile. I watched a lot of vids on U-tube and everyone is saying paint your tile, let dry for 24 hours, then add next color or coat of paint, let dry another 24 hours. 85% of my burning is multi colors topped off with black. I’m waiting 2 or 3 days for paint to dry. I’m not going to have that, so I set my oven at 200 deg. bake those bad boys for about 1-1/2 hrs. Pull when done, let cool at room temp., slap on more paint and back to the oven again. I can have a pan full of 3 color tile ready to burn in about 6 hours And I’m having fun at it. I know what your thinking, what about smell or even vapors that could be harmful. I use Krylon and Rust-oleum paints with no problem. Has anyone else tried baking your tiles?

R. Cline

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What do they look like?

Hello jack, With me only having about 90 days in this new hobby, they have been turning out pretty good.
I never have posted any pics yet because I feel that I’m not good enough to post yet. I guess that’s because I’m German and if it’s not perfect it’s not good. I’ll go ahead and post a few photos now for you. And I’m hoping that all you fine folks will have a lot things to teach me.
R. Cline

We know the Germans are into precision :slight_smile:

Go ahead and drop a couple. You’ll probably get more ‘hits’ and I’d like to see them as I’ve been trying myself on and off. I also have been doing some mirrors.

I’ve only had mine coming up on two months… :slight_smile:

Take care :slight_smile:

OK, I’ll do it. look for the painting/ baking heading

Great. There is a ‘finished’ project area also. Take care, look forward to your process and able to see the results. :slight_smile:

I have an old toaster oven that I bake my tiles in after painting. I don’t let them go that long maybe 20 to 30 minutes.

great, I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one baking. I went to longer baking time because I noticed that when I got the next layer of paint on, – that first coat would start fish eyeing or crackling as some call it. When I hit 1 to 1 1/2 hours of baking the crackling stopped. But - at the same time I also noticed that if I put on the next layer paint to thick , that would cause crackling also. So now I do my second coat real thin, wait for about 20 min. then another coat to finsh the covering and then to oven again.
Have fun R. Cline

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Ah yes, multiple coats. I am using paint for the Norton Tile Method of engraving black images on white tile so only a single coat.

this thread is so boring. Lots of talk, no pics. Is it something great, I dunno, haven’t seen anything yet. Any more posts without pics and this thread is going out to the cornfield!

Norton is my laser god !! I just now finished a noton tile , white painted black. Only the tile was really red and yellow with black top coat. Running at 1200 mm/m and 12% power, so I thought !! While waiting for my baking to finish, I was playing around with scrap and trying to see how slow and low I could get a good burn with. OK - baking is done. My grandson wants a skull, any kind of a skull. I made a tile painted red and yellow with black coat that not all the black would be burned away. I throw that tile under my baby ortur , hit the start button … I forgot to turn my speed and power back up. ended up with a good looking two tone gray and black skull, not a total loss. OK -HN- take a white tile, paint a heavy coat of green on it , bake that thing extra dry. then put on another coat of green, only not heavy this time. Super that dry that tile again and give it light coat of , say black. or yellow, or blue. Now go to : pinerest.com , free sign up and you can find any kind of photo you want. Pick out a flower for your lady and let’s get burning. I don’t know what speed or power you run so turn your power down just 1 or 2% to play it safe. Hit the start button and go for it. You will make a good burn, I’m sure of it.
R. Cline

Oh you poor thing, if you want to see pics, go to finished creations. That is where we all post our products.

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I do not have a sublimation printer yet but thought about getting one for mugs and using a convection oven, would that work for baking tiles as well or would the fumes mess with the sublimation process if I use the same oven for both products. (NOT at the same time).

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