Tiles and their settings

I have a 80 watt Chinese laser and I am trying to do white tile, but it is very faded how can i get it darker? My speed is 75 mm/s, power 50 % max min12 %, DPI 275, line interval .092, and Stucki dither. The tiles are 4.25 x 4.25 and painted with Rust-oleum painter’s touch ultracover 2X flat white. These settings got the best results so far. Any advice will be appreciated as I am running out of tiles HA HA. Tomorrow I will try to use my Brilliance Laser ink BUT that is crazy expensive compared to Rust-oleum!

Slow down more. Half what you’re doing now. There’s something about that reaction with the paint and tile that takes time. Start with a small pattern that you can do a grid of 16 or 25 or more on a tile and assign each one a different speed and power. You can learn a lot from a single tile that way.
But seriously… slow down more. (I’ve got a 80W red&black Ruida machine)

Go slower…

I use a diode so different to you but I am doing it at 1000mm per minute… About 1/4 of your speed.

I guess I should SLOW DOWN. Seriously I will be trying that when it gets bearable in my workshop too hot right now. I figured my wattage was high enough to go faster.