Time after paying renewal for activation?

Hi gang…
I just switched to a new machine and also renewed my license. How long does it take to get the renewal email? I got the “Thank you for your purchase” email.

I copied my .ini file from my old machine to my new one and my library is still empty. Maybe I am confused about how to get it off my old laptop.

Copying the .ini file is not going to work. Not sure where you got this information. The renewal is applied to your existing key and you are notified once we have completed our end. You can visit our License Portal (<—click this) to manage and allocate your seats as you’d like.

The material library is in a file with a .CLB (cut library) extension. You’d need to copy that file across to the new machine as well, and then just load the library within LightBurn.

The renewals are processed manually, so it sometimes takes a few hours. Yours has been processed.

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Slow down and read what I wrote. OZ picked it up just fine. Thanks for you answer anyway.

Thanks OZ…I got the email and will look for the library file now.

I did, and then told you that moving the .ini file is not going to help you. You did catch me having a comprehension issue with your word choices and arrangement of these words. Re-reading, I now understand you were asking about moving your Library files. To me, that was not as clear as you think.

I am glad you are sorted.

And to offer a similar recommendation… Please see the Note on our Renewal page for the answer to your original timing question.

So either your reading comprehension is poor or my sentence structure is poor…either way I am fixed now and sorry for annoying you with my timing question. As you pointed out it IS right at the bottom of the renewal page.

We go through a LOT of these in a given day, and sometimes the eyes glaze over. :slight_smile:


All good on my end OZ. And thanks to you and Rick.

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