Time Out and then Connection lost

I have an xtool D1 Pro 20W and I am using a Mac mini running Sonoma 14.0. I am able to cut SVG files. Just today when I try to engrave an image I encounter multiple time out lines in my console and then connection lost. I tried to engrave an exact same file that I engraved a few days ago, now it runs for about 3 to 4 minutes and then the connection is lost. I ran an SVG cut file and I can see the same time out lines appearing in my console (probably at least 80 time out lines for a 15 minute project). It did not though actually lose connection and did complete the project. I know not to use xcs and lightburn at the same time. I have rebooted my pc (making sure there was not anything about xcs running in the background), I am still having the issue. My xtool is connected to lightburn by the USB cable. I have all my sleep setting off. Any help on why this is suddenly happening and how to get it to stop.