Tips and tricks for 3d illusion

You must have recent version of Photoshop if you follow my ideas.
Access this website and copy tutorial. Depth-Based Adjustment Technique in Photoshop
How to save a PhotoShop file as a PDF without losing quality:
Create the following new Adobe PDF Preset from the settings in the “Save Adobe PDF” box that appears: First select [High Quality Print] from the default options. From the options on the left, choose “Compression”; under “Options”, select “Do Not Downsample” and for “Compression” choose “None”.

Please do not think this is an easy venture to accomplish the 3D illusion effect. You will likely need to do some extra “fiddling” to get your final engrave. Load the finished PDF into LightBurn and complete any and all final adjustments to your image.

I sincerely hope folks appreciate this. I have spent many hours and lots of material to do this. REMEMBER: Your laser and other things may require work on your part to get what you want.

Do not select a photograph or image that is very finely drawn etc. They do not work real well.


Why can’t you export this a a bitmap that can be used directly with Lightburn… You could even set the resolution and use the pass through option in Lightburn…

I was in photography as a hobby for many decades. I know nothing in a normal photograph that carries 3d information… it appears to be doing this because of distance from the front of the photo…?

Think it would be a lot more difficult with a portrait …

Have you posted any of these?

Not to mention, I can’t even run Photoshop… don’t run Windows… and probably couldn’t afford Photoshop anyway…


I bought a printer many years ago that had PhotoShop version3 as a trial which eventually merged into a full blown version free. I have upgraded, when they come around, every year. Now I buy them as a hobbyist for $20 per month.

I hate BitMaps. They make most of my illusions look like crap.

You are right, there is nothing in a photograph with 3D info. With this method you add the depth map to gain the illusion.

Some portraiture is very difficult. Mostly because of the many fine aspects in a photo these days. As I stated before, that doesn’t render well. Drawings are the best and easiest to do.

This is from a photograph. I used Stucki for this one.

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This was taken from a photo.
Image after conversion.

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Photoshop doesn’t run on a Linux platform that I’m aware of… I budget for Lightburn and cnc software to figure speeds/feeds… that’s about it.

I hemorrhaged too much money when I got the fiber… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I can do most of the mechanical steps, just lacking in the artsy side with my hands…

Saw the photo before… looks very nice…

I find 3d stl files (3d printer) on the Internet and use them for the engraving…


I think you guys are talking apples and oranges.

@ferg is using a Photoshop effect with something they refer to as a depth map. This is basically a way of faking depth of focus and allows you to maintain focus on the areas that you want and provide somewhat realistic “out of focus” blur to elements not on the focal plane.

Think of this like “portrait mode” on modern smart phones.

This is not a variable burn depth technique. It’s more a focal illusion technique.

What I have been saying all along and why I have a problem with giving info I have worked on so hard and 2.3 of population has no idea what I am doing or care.

Sorry, that really b bugs me.

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Don’t be disheartened. Just keep publishing and it will be more apparent to more people that aren’t familiar with exactly what you’re attempting and how.

Those that find value in the approach or like the effect will follow along and benefit.

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