TL-403CB wont connect

So I got a used Redsail X700. It runs on the forbidden Topwisdom controller. I know this is in Beta but still want to try using it… however, I’m having issues. I cannot get Lightburn or even Autolaser to connect to the laser. I’m 99 percent sure this is an operator error.

I am using a USB 2.0 cable between my laptop and the laser. I purchased that today since one wasnt included. Any tips on how to get it to connect to lightburn? Dont care to mess with autolaser if I dont have to.

You might need a driver - When installing LightBurn, the last page gives you the option to install an FTDI driver that is used for serial comms by some of the DSPs (including TopWisdom). Install that. Also make sure you hear the Windows Ding! when you connect it.

There are two USB ports on the TopWisdom - the one closest to you is labeled “UDisk” and that’s for a USB thumb-drive with files on it. The other is the PC connection - it’s pretty common to mix them up, so check that too.

Thank you for the quick response. I did install the FTDI and did use correct USB. I read as many lightburn/topwisdom posts as possible. I’m going to try and do a firmware update tomorrow (machine is 3 years old with under 10 hours of use). I’m leaving work early to tinker with it.

I installed all the drivers mentioned in the manual (which is not clear at all.)

I’ll give it another run and may just reinstall lightburn to make sure I did it correctly.

Well partial user error… the data transfer cable I got was acting as a file explorer as it had some weird software on the plug… if that makes sense. Got a new cable and it connected with ease. Now to figure out the other issues I’m having.

I’m glad it was that easily explained. I hate the random gremlins. Worth noting - the public version currently has issues with origin modes - it basically treats everything as ‘Absolute Coords’, I think. That’s fixed in the next release, along with a few other things.

Yeah that’s how its acting for me. Which isnt hard to work with. At first I thought it was just me learning the software. Now that I figured that out I’m rocking and rolling. Loving this software. Need to read more and watch the rest of the videos.

I’ll be testing more tomorrow so I can keep getting my feet wet.