Tolerance of "Remove Overlapping Lines" Optimization

In a previous thread you said “as the lines must be close to identical to be removed” - and that you were adding code to try and find partially matched lines. But this is just about same-sized lines.

I’m cutting some finger lines that are all overlapping, but some may not be exactly overlapping, may even be different lengths by a bit (I think it’s just one line at 0.01mm)

What’s the tolerance for x/y position, or do you check x/y close enough, then length as well? or just each point?

Is this configurable? relative or absolute?


Thanks for quoting the old thread. It made finding the link easier.

I’ll try it with your file if you’d like to share.

In other software packages I’ve moved offending duplicates to a different layer and shut them off. I might try that too.

Thanks for the reply John, I’m more interested in how it works, is it “identical” or “close to identical” (I’ve written some (hilarious) SVG editing apps before).

I guess, in the optimization function, you have a loop where you either compare everything against everything, or you order them by length then compare (xy-xy) each to the next n components until the length of the next component is > threshold or /2?

I guess I should study the preview tool more, that will show me which lines are not being drawn, and I could work it out from there.

Speaking of nodes, some node-info, transform type in, scaling and absolute/relative positioning of nodes would be cool.

The code uses a spatial query system so it tries to check only other shapes that are close to each other.

For each interesting pair, it checks:

  • if the two end points of each line are within some tolerance of each other (0.025mm)
  • if one of the lines is completely along and within the other (within 0.025mm)

Thanks! This is useful when I can’t get things to quite line up, .025 mm is good

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