Too big table with too precision camera = problem

hi there, I have 2.5m x 1.25m cutting table with trocen TF6225 controller and fiber cutting head. That doesn’t matter, because the problem is with too bad recognition of the raster image.
Because of the table size, I had to buy 4k camera (more than 3000x2000 pixels recognition), and when looking to the table, the raster image is so small, that it’s not recognized well. Is there some way of printing the bigger dots image, or some manual selection of teh raster image?

The image is placed at the mouse cursor, if you can’t find it ;-))

If you just stick to the content, I mean you can upscale image. I have scaled it down once for use with a very small bed.
But whether the resolution is high enough for your large bed is an open question.

No need to do the calibration with the camera mounted to the laser. Take it off and do it elsewhere more convenient.

As has said you’re fine scaling the image. It needs to fill roughly 1/9 of the viewing area for each step.

You will need to remount the camera for the alignment stage.

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