Too long engraving photo

i have problem, i am beginer. why always engraving photo more than 5 hours how to change

I’d set the output for the first layer (fill) to no output, run the preview.

Is it the image or the filled area taking so much time?

I can’t see what this filled area is… might be nice to see it, if you don’t mind posting the lbrn2 file.


That’s the fill area in the background which is taking so much time, being done at slow speed. An image of the size you show, at speed 6000 (max. of my diode laser) is taking only half an hour, and probably much less at the speed you have set up.

Does it actually take 5 hours or is the time estimate wrong?

Lightburn uses the data in the controller to compute an estimated run time for the job.

This should reflect the data… Device Settings → Additional Settings you may need to read these from the controller.


I don’t get it, you just show another image, without any comment.
But in the first image, you show burning the image at 20.000 mm/min, a speed my diode laser cannot reach. At 6.000, it takes the time I talked about.
And in the second image, you show a speed of 600, which is more on the side of a cutting speed (for a 10 W laser) than an engraving speed. And it is 10 times less than what I talked about, and 33 times less than the initial post.
So I am confused.

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