Too many passes

When cutting out two crosses from one 12’x12" birch ply.
The machine (S30 Pro Max) is set for 380mm/min and 100% power and 1 pass, but it is burning the path twice.
Also, I tried going faster and using less power, but on the second pass, at least one of the lines do not line up and pierce through. It is like a hundredth off. did this several times, so I have to make my cuts in one pass.
This newbie says Thanx!

Hi Donald,

If your laser’s position is not repeatable it points to a mechanical issue with your machine - I’d suggest checking the belt tension and laser head tightness to ensure they’re both not the cause of this lost motion.

If your cuts are running twice but your layer is set to a single pass, you may have identical overlapping geometry in your workspace. Try selecting one of the lines in quesiton, Ungroup (Ctrl+U) then press Del. If your geometry remains, then you do indeed have overlapping lines. You can try automatically removing these by going to ‘Edit > Delete Duplicates’ or pressing ‘Alt+D’

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