Too much height and camera freezing LS 2440

I have a LS 2440 (24x40 inch bed). I ordered a 90° camera which if my math is right I needs to be 28.5" high. If I put it on my open door it’s at roughly 42" high. Can the camera be too high?

I’m also having an issue with the camera freezing. I’ll get 2 or 3 steps into calibration and it locks up. I’m wondering if the USB is too long and can’t get a reliable power to the camera?

Thanks for any help!

If you have a honeycomb bed, make sure it’s covered up so the software doesn’t see extra shapes it might think are circles - I haven’t been able to reproduce this lock-up, but that seems to be what causes it.

Having the camera mounted significantly higher than necessary will reduce the precision, but it sounds like you’re probably ok.

No honeycomb bed for calibration. It’s like my lights are too bright and the image gets washed out and all I see is white on the screen no dots.

Could I have a faulty camera or could my computer need more ram or something to run the camera correctly?

Can you post a screen shot? A very common issue is blowing out the lighting and/or trying to capture the calibration image the size of a postage stamp, instead of having it fill roughly a third of the screen horizontally / vertically.

Will do tomorrow. That might be my problem. From the height it’s at it is a smaller image but if I stand in front of the machine and block the light the dots come into focus. I think I read height has nothing to do with the calibration right?

Mounting position has nothing to do with the lens calibration, but the image should fill roughly the same amount of screen space as the little sample image you’re shown. You’re basically dividing the camera view into 9 sections, like the 9 squares of a tic-tac-toe board, and the image should roughly be the size of one of those sections. If it’s too small, the code can’t detect the curvature and you won’t get good calibration.

I really take exception with your FB comment “their tech support sucks”, given that you got an answer here almost immediately. I’m sorry you don’t like the forum, but Facebook was impossible for us to manage, and direct 1:1 email support isn’t possible with 7000+ customers and so few of us. Just because you don’t like the medium doesn’t mean we aren’t here to help.


Well here’s the thing. I sent an email with a simple question and got a decently long email about how they didnt want to repeat themselves and sent me to the forum. In the time it took to send me that email, my question could have just been answered instead of being redirected. The response came fairly quickly, quicker than I expected with an email. I guess “frustrating” would have been a better word choice. I would honestly prefer to call but no number available. However if the forum is going to give answers quickly, efficiently, and accurately I will work with it. My apologies.

That’s likely the auto-responder (though it’s possible that it wasn’t) but it’s true - If we answered every single question that came to the support email, we’d never get any work done, so we push people here to try to take advantage of the group, and the search ability of the forum.

Both I and my staff monitor the group regularly, so you very definitely will get responses here quickly (assuming one of us is awake). LightBurn is one developer (me) and two paid support staff - we need to be really efficient with our time, or charge double and hire more people.

Sending you here to the forum is to encourage people to come here first for help if it’s something the group can likely answer, or to preserve our reply for others in cases where there isn’t one already - it’s not trying to get rid of you, I promise. :slight_smile:

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I didnt think it was such a small company! I completely understand how that goes. Ive run a small business for the past 8 years and it can be difficult to keep up and manage time. Hence why I was frustrated about having to browse a forum for answers. An inch of time is worth an inch of gold! A forum post is as quick as an email and it looks like the responses are faster so it seems like the right choice for you and your clients.

We were having major problems with diode / GCode / CO2 / DSP users trying to help one another and giving bad (or even dangerous) advice, so this helps that a lot, gives us more control, is more scalable as we add to the team, and gives us much more flexibility with organizing things.

I do realize it’s not quite as convenient as FB if you’re already there, but we tried to make it as painless a transition as possible. I appreciate your understanding.

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