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I have a large logo project that had to be burned very dark, so the project ended up running for 36 hours and quitting for an unknown reason. The point is I need to complete a logo, on a burn that takes a long time so I cannot simply rerun the file. I thought the perfect solution would be to add and image mask simply blocking the portion of the logo that is already etched and save new GCode file. However I cannot get the image (PNG) to go to a tool layer so I can add the image mask. Looks like I can only add a vector to a tool layer, but cannot add image mask to a vector. I would love any help getting this done I do not want to dump 36 hours of work. Thanks

Use the tool layer as part of the mask against the image layer. Can’t make an image a tool path.


Thanks for the reply, sorry I am still learning this. Are you saying to draw a vector like filled rectangle as the image mask? I think I am only going to get one shot at this so I want to do it right.

Make it the shape you want to keep. It doesn’t have to be ‘filled’ just an outline will work.

See if this helps


Not sure if you have any specific limitations but would using the “Start Here” functionality from Preview get you what you need? The hard part there would be finding precisely the right starting point.

Can I ask what material you are burning to how you’re getting such a dark burn?

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I think is the answer to how dark it is…


:laughing: I’m just impressed it can run for that long, that dark, and basically no scorching. That poor poor diode.

I’ll tell you this, it’s got 36 less useful hours on it. There is no doubt they are a ‘consumable’. Like co2 tubes, power supplies and everything else related to them appears to be…

They can be pretty tough. I’ve really abused the couple I have and they are still going, at least last time I checked.


Yeah the laser is solid, JTech Photonics. The errors are mine.

I have a laser from Ortur that had likely less than 50 hours on it but much of it running at >80% power. I saw a dramatic dropoff in engraving power which made me be much more conservative with the replacement laser. One thing I’ll say about Ortur is that their service has been excellent for the two times I’ve needed it.

Ok so the update includes a feature that allows you to scroll through the preview and save a new GCode file that starts from wherever you want it. This is an amazing feature and it has saved my project!

Did you see that I mentioned that function in my previous reply? Sounds like you may have missed that and found it independently based on the wording here.

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I did read it, but did not understand it until after I found the preview information in the documentation Thanks for your help!

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