Tools not turned on

In tools, lower options are not turned on : cut shapes, adjust images,trace image , apply path to text, apply mask to image,

A lot of things in LightBurn only become active when you have objects selected that meet the criteria to use that tool. Like Apply Path to Text. You have to have a section of text and a path selected, then it will become active so you can select it. If you have an image loaded and selected, then Trace Image will become active.


I noticed in an answer to another “new user” (like myself) a reference to a move tab. After comparing the reference and example, I notice that I do not have the same tabs available. I also read where not all tabs are on automatically so I put a shape on the grid and selected it. Still have no “Move” tab. Any suggestions?

You need to select it for it to show. ‘Window’ dropdown menu the tick ‘Move’