Tooltip Bug Report in v1.1.00

Noticed that the tooltips are incorrect for some of the new Settings options introduced in v1.1.00 on W11.

The same tooltip is repeated for all of these options:

  • Show rotary enable on main window
  • Show cylinder correction enable on main window
  • Show work area center cross

Tooltip reads:

Turn this on to show the ‘Rotary Enable’ toggle in the main laser window

Assume this is meant only for the first option in the list.

Thank you for reporting, I will create a report to get this fixed. Apologies for the delayed response. For bug issues like this, if you add @Rick or @LightBurn, we should be alerted directly. The volume of posts, following a new release, can obscure important reports like this. :slight_smile:

Thank you for all the contributions and help you offer. We see and appreciate it very much.

I’ll include you guys in future. I deliberately kept this lowkey since this wasn’t a critical or feature impacting issue. Know you guys have your hands full.

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Excellent! Now no promises on how long a fix might take, but we do want to make sure we grab, confirm and log any ‘bugs’ when discovered. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Fixed for the next patch.


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