Topic continue Total noob, Neje Master 2S

want to continue this topic because have thesame problem like user L4p1.

I sended yesterday e-mail to neje support:
i have nejemaster2 20W and have some problems from yesterday.
I was using all the time neje windows software but last week my friend tell me about lightburn and using camera + airassist. I downloaded neje grbl uloader and upload grbl. My motherboard is number10. Everything was fine and work correctly but 2 days ago i recive info about connecting to Lightburn. There was notching changed in options meantime etc but i keep reciving same info about connection all the time when i was connected to lightburn. On motherboard show orange light when i lunch lightburn and when i turn off then this light turn off to. I noticed that this trying to conenct with but can’t. When i lunch neje orginal software then work everything good but don’t want connect only with RGBL. When i lunch for test purpose only one more time neje grbl uploader then i recive info that he see my neje2 but when i press to flash then recived info from printscreen attached. If i use orher boud rate, it show always thesame stuffs. Wanted to connect only to see how he gonna connect with GRBL but he didn’t . I think something is wrong with GRBL module but not sure what happen. Can You write me what i can do now to use LightBurn again? My whife very like neje software because is very intuitive but i like do some more complicated stuffs. Right now i have in my home warkstat CNC engrave 60x40cm big maschine and bought neje to learn some new things and next step was to buy neje max2 40W but i’m not sure that is common problem or just have bad luck. Waiting for reply and have a nice day. BTW my maschine It is under warranty ofc. "

Hope that everyone can understand my problem :slight_smile:

Here is topic of user L4p1 but is closed that why open new one bacuse maby someone from this forum have solution for this.

Was reading about openig ports etc but i try other computer, other usb ports and still thesame. I’m afraid that this is some problem with motherboard not Lighburn.

Here photo

Answer from neje support:

"Dear customer:

Sorry for late reply to you!

Please see the file attached. Is it helpful?"

How to work with lightburn

GRBL homing

my answer:

Sorry but no… I done this before and everything was good, IT was working with homing etc. There is problem while connecting with grbl module. I think somethig is wrong with motheboard. Is there possibility to reset motheboard and flash again or something like that? IT show all the time waiting for connect… I set topic on lightburn forum and on Facebook neje software group but noone can help me. Waiting for reply.”

If someone have solution then let me know.

Problem is solved.
Neje sended me new mainboard to repleace. It was 99% damaged motherboard.

These links have expired. @NEJE_Laser, do you have up-to-date links you can provide?

Photo here:
Just download and put on other ftp, from this one picture will be deleted in 7 days. It is my priv qnap serv.

I do not know what you are showing here, nor why.

I was looking for the 2 documents Neje Support shared with you. The links you provide are dead. I am asking the Neje Support Rep, who stops by from time to time, for fresh, current links.

Ahh ok, didn’t notice that(because picture is out of date too),
I have those documents on my mail from neje.

just uploaded them on new ftp. Can’t use upload on forum file beacuse fomat is not supported. Attached below.

Thank you kindly. I will review then create a post in this section for others. :slight_smile:

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