Topwisdom controler pausing

when I run a file from lightburn my machine keeps pausing I have to restart by hitting run/pause button about every 10 to 15 seconds.

I have never heard of anyone else having this issue with TopWisdom. Does it also happen with AutoLaser?

I will try tomorrow. This started after installing lightburn on the computer I am using on the laser.

Ok tested with autolaser and I am getting a Laser 1 err after it starts and runs a few seconds. Tried different computer and also Udisk with out computer. So this must be a controller issue. cant find out anything on the laser 1 err so don’t know what else todo.

Laser 1 error, if I’m not mistaken, is the water protect switch for laser 1. You need to connect that to ground to tell the system that you have water flowing through the tube (or connect it to an actual flow meter, which would be even better)

I will check that I did make sure I had flow but that don’t mean flow switch is working. could this be the pause issue also

Yes, if the flow switch is faulty that could be the issue. There’s a menu on the controller (Menu > System Test > IO Input) which will show you the current state of all inputs. Check that and if you see it flicker, that’s likely your problem.

Thank you for your help. had a kink in water hose. Laser is back working with no issues.

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