Topwisdom Controller Beta Testing

Hi Team,
Keen to test functionality of the Topwisdom controller further in Lightburn.

I have run quite a few jobs already and it’s looking great!
Looking forward to being able to frame jobs as this was holding me back on using it on some production runs.

Happy to assist in testing in any way.

I am an advanced user of Autolaser with my topwisdom controller for 3 years now. I would like to beta test lightburn with it please! Been looking forward to it for some time now.

@rdkolenda, it is out. If you are running version 0.9.05 or later you have access to the first release of TopWisdom support. Getting access to internal releases is a different story. :slight_smile: Oz is the keeper of all things ‘internal beta group’ and testing prior to general release, so let’s see.

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Thank you Rick! I’ll get on it asap.

@Rick - I posted on the Fider thread about this that I was looking for some additional folks to kick the tyres, preferably ones who are familiar with how AutoLaser and the controller behave, so we’re not both learning it at the same time.

The current public build is the most up to date, but I’ll add you two to the beta group, and I would expect a 0.9.07 post within the next day or two. I think I have framing & jogging behaving now.

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Roger & Cameron are both in the beta list. There’s a top-level category in the forum called LightBurn Beta Testers that has all the beta posts. When a new build is up, you’ll see it announced there with notes.


Thanks Oz! Looking forward to some more testing.

I have used Autolaser 2 years now.
I am very willing to beta test lightburn with my topwisdom controller.
I have 100W laser with rotational axis.

Added - I don’t have rotational settings supported yet, but will be looking into that.

I am feeling stupid, but I do not see this top-level category. I see Announcements, Getting Started, Hardware, etc… Do I first need rights to see it possibly?

(I’m a TL-410C user, looking forward to testing out the software). Use both Mac and WIndows (older version) Thanks in advance!

You don’t see it until you’re added - you’re in.

Updates with frame functions working have been posted.

We got a 100W Redsail in production for some time now, with a TopWisdom controller, and we would like to test as well!

Hi Oz,
Can’t see the Beta Category yet in the forum.

You should now - you’re in.

Yes please! Been waiting since the day my 80W turned up with a Topwisdom controller instead of the Ruida I was expecting. I’ve put lots of hours into AutoLaser (hating every min of it) and have 100’s of hours in Lightburn on my K40 before that.

Hello, can you add me to Beta Tester?

You’re both added.

Hey there,

I’d absolutely love to beta test this. Autolaser has served me well for the past 2.5 years, but I’d be very happy to move on to better software.

Thank you!

You are already in the beta group.