TopWisdom + LightBurn (Noob Question)

Hello everyone,

Sorry if im flogging a dead horse here, i’ve done quite some searching and can’t find the exact answer im looking for.

I’m total noob, first day with Laser and first day with LightBurn. Got a TopWisdom so i realise its not supported. It works quite well with LightBurn given its unoffical status.

I’m just trying to figure out the START FROM settings. Absolute Co-ords work perfectly fine and thats getting me by for now.

Does Origin and Current position work with TopWisdom at all ? Mine seems to just go back to the home origin whenever i try these 2 settings. I tried pressing Origin on the controller but didnt make any difference. Again excuse my noobness, still picking it up!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m running an 80w Vevor red and black and have the same issue, and using Absalute. Also finding the files are not displayed on the topwisdom control panel.
I do know that the team are still working on these issues and will let the Topwisdom users know when they release any further updates.

i’m also using TW AND LB it works mostly but having some issues now it doesn’t reset to home and it’s not framing my job. it worked for an hour now it acting funny. I hope they can get a fix soon

The origin issues are fixed in the pending release, along with a number of others.

Awesome can’t wait. I guess it makes it hard to figure out if its the controller issue or user error when your starting out and things don’t work as expected.

Just out of interest, is there any other “bigger” issues that the TopWisdom can’t handle yet that I should look out for or most other things work?

hi not sure if im getting these updates because I can’t frame and everything is “out of range” as I said before it’s Mardi gras and I just got a large shipment of wood please if you can get me back to work

Posted just a few hours ago: Feb 20, 8:15 AM

You haven’t missed anything. We will make an announcement letting folks know there is a new release available along with what is included in the new version.

Absolute cords center orgin homed on 0,0…zero issues with framing, ya gotta set it up right or everything is backwards…

It’s not framing at all it’s sayin out of range

Yea, i know…mine did the samething, have you updated LB? And properly setup both axis?