TopWisdom limit switch wiring?

Can someone who has a TopWisdom controller with limit switches (not optical ones, but actual switches) post a couple pics of their wiring, and check the ‘System Test’ menu called ‘IO Input’ to see if the various green circles turn red when you press one of the limit switches?

I haven’t been able to get the limits on mine working, and I’m not sure if it’s a settings issue, wiring issue, or maybe I’ve burnt the controller. (I’ve plugged it into 24v instead of 5v at least twice when swapping controllers - might need to get a new one)

Mine has the optical switches. I do have a lid switch that is a micro switch. I’m sure it’s wired up and functions the same as a limit switch. If you think it’ll help I can snap some pictures of it functioning in topwisdom

Couldn’t hurt - that would be great, thank you. In the meantime, I’ve ordered a 410C as well (I only have a 403CB at the moment).

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IO input #9 lid switch: is red when lid is open and green when lid is closed

Does it update on the fly? As in, if you’re in that menu on the controller, then open the lid, do you see it change color?

… and how is the switch wired in the controller? Ground to the switch and then to the In-9 pin, I assume?

yes it does change
lower right is door_sw

Ok, that’s a 410, not a 403, but I assume they’ll be the same. I have the 410 on order already, so when it lands I should be able to test more. In the meantime, I’m working on decrypting the machine settings.

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I also have a 410.

I don’t know about the 403 but the 410 is active low and your limit switches should be wired normally closed. That’s pretty standard for anything CNC so I would assume the 403 is the same.