TopWisdom - not all selections sent via USB

I have read other posts about USB connectivity and I have my machine connected to my MAC. I can send very small OUT files (or start from Lightburn very small jobs) but larger jobs are not sent.

If I ask for the FRAME of a larger cut then this works - so the machine knows what the job is and what it looks like BUT I can not get the larger file to be transmitted to the cutter.

It is almost as if there is a file size limit on the .OUT files going via the USB link. Is this a Lightburn setting or is there a setting on my machine that I need to change?


I don’t have a topwisdom controller and I abandoned usb for Ethernet on my Ruida… I don’t think your controller works well over Ethernet from what I remember.

Generally the dsp controllers need to load the entire file to correctly ‘frame’ something.

However, Lightburn may send the control codes to ‘frame’ it. If you want to frame it from the machines console is must be loaded.

Have you looked at the console to see if any files are there?

Will it load via a usb memory stick?


Hi Jack,

I can transfer files to the cutter via a memory stick and that all works OK - it is just the hit and miss nature of the USB cable connection I can not figure - as I said, I can use the frame function for a “larger” job so my Mac is definitely connected to the machine BUT I can only send files OR start jobs that are very “small” / simple, i.e. just a line that I used recently for a ramp test.

So, I was wondering if there is a limit set somewhere for USB communication OR another setting type I need to look at to try and allow me to send / start any size of job directly from the Lightburn console on my computer rather than always having to save to a stick, open the stick on the machine, then select the file … etc.

Thanks for any other suggestions

I’m a Linux person, so I’m not sure how Mac handles the usb. I remember people having issues, but I think those have been resolved…

The Mac isn’t going to sleep or something like that… Sometimes that’s an issue, at least on Windows.

I’m not sure what to advise… Maybe @JohnJohn can help you… I think it’s a Mac issue as the controller seems to be working.


OK - thanks - I am trying to pursue that angle as well.

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