Topwisdom Rotary Unit

Hello folks,

i want to use a rotary-unit with my Topwisdom TL-A1. The controller has input for X and Y-Axis, also a combined input for Z/U (multiplexed port).
Also I´ve got a 4-pin plug-in inside the machine for a rotary-axis.

  1. Can i use both Axis at the same time? At the moment U-Axis is used for the hight of the platform
  2. Inside the electrician-cabinet the cable of the 4-pin-plug is not connected to any driver - where to plug in?
  3. Any specifications the rotary-units need to work with topwisdom + lightburn?

Thanks in advance!

I didn’t know this controller was even supported by Lightburn… Are you running it now with Lightburn?


I´m indeed running it since a while with LB and it works very well. No issues with sending data or sth else. Only connecting the rotary-unit seems to be a problem, at least for me :sweat_smile:

Are you swapping one of the axes?

It is only a 3 axes controller, so you would have to do without (or swap) one of the axes.

Most of us swap out the Y, but I don’t know how the hardware is hooked up… It is pretty straight forward and I’ll assist if possible…


I thought of swapping the U-Axis (Hight of the honeycomb) to the rotary-axis. I have the option to set the hight manually, so this output on the controller would be available for the rotary.
The rotary-unit i want to buy uses a Nema 17 Pancake Stepper-Motor.

You might want to research what’s available… you might have to use the Y axes…

Some of these controllers are limited in some of the axes controls…