TopWisdom TL-A1 Air Assist

I just upgraded from diode laser to a new CO2 60W using a TopWisdom TL-A1 controller. I am used to use Air Assit on LB, so I can swith it from ON to OFF as everyone knows.
Now on this new machine I don’t know how to use air on/off, or where in the controller board I can use as output for that. Any sugestions?
As this machine is new, I don’t want to start messing on the controller and lose the warranty.
I appreciate any help,

Page 11 is the wiring diagram…

User’s Manual for TL-A1 Laser Engraving and Cutting Control SystemV1.1.pdf.txt (1.8 MB)

Signal definition from the above …

Wind/SPI Blowing signal or spindle signal, the signal is multiplex, used for the blowing signal in case of a normal model; used as start and stop signal for the spindle motor in case of rotary cutting model, active at low level

Have any issues sing out…

I don’t know how well this controller is supported by Lightburn…

From the Lightburn site …

Supported Trocen controllers include the AWC708C, AWC608, and TL-3120.

Good luck


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Thanks Jack.
LB supports TL-A1, its a TopWisdom. I am using right now.
I saw this diagram, and I feel that I just need to install the relay on that Output-1, right? And of course the complete compressor/relay wiring.
Did anyone tried it before to give me a feedback?
I didn’t understand what does mean “the signal is multiplex”. The relay is different?


I posted the Lightburn supported controller and your model is not among them. Some things in these controllers are not handled the same across all of the Topwisdom controllers.

If you have any issues, post them…

I don’t know for sure, but my guess is that depending on it’s configuration it’s either a spindle control or an air assist (Wind) control. When it’s configured for a laser it probably knows there is no spindle…

Not all of these controller run just the plain old laser stuff…

I’d guess you could probably just run a layer with air assist and check it’s output without making it a complicated issue.

Others here have Trocen controllers, so I’d think you’d hear from someone that has done this…

Ask if you need to… we are here…

Good luck


I understand that, but I am operating the machine normally, and here: LightBurn Software - DSP License Key the TL-A1 is shown as supported. That’s why I got a little confused when you said that this controller is not supported.

You have a point here. That make sense for me. In the next few days I will check the signal from that Output with a multimeter and post the result.

Thanks a lot.

I didn’t mean it wasn’t supported, but I’ve seen threads where some Trocen didn’t work in some instances with specific items… Can’t remember off hand, which operations they referred to, but I do remember them saying they haven’t figure it out quite yet for that model of Trocen…

The specification for the Ruida don’t mention any particular model, whereas with the Trocen they specify a group of models that are supported… That’s all I was driving at…

I don’t have one, so if it turns out to be specific for your machines controller, you might have to find someone who knows for sure… There are other Trocen users here…

Good luck


Oh, sorry mate. I missunderstood. You are right, some things may not work.

It worked. I wired WIND/SPI and +24v from Output -1 to a relay and I can control air/wind using the function on LB.
Thanks mate for the assistence.


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No perspiration… take care and enjoy


I exactly do same, I had a GBRL and brought a 60W TL-a1 laser
Can you explain me what to wired and what relay you se please :stuck_out_tongue:
I found it really annoying to hear the air assis work 100% of time

Also, I hope LB will add wifi support for this machine … ar at least upgrade Lightburn Bridge to support TL based machines … It’s a shame to use a long USB cable when this machines have integrated wifi and can connect to the network … Even the free AutoLaser can control wia wifi … but not a 120$ software


That’s exactly what motivated me to do that. Too much noise for one person.

See this site bellow, note that I am brazillian so I think you won’t be able to buy. But it’s a relay that gets 24v on signal and 220v to the air assist.

See Page 13 from the TL-A1 user manual. At output-1 I wired Wind/SPI and +24V on signal side of the relay. Before wiring, I advise you to test, using a multimeter, the output voltage using “air on” and “air off” on LB. Page 16 says to wire OUT1 and +24V, but it didn’t work for me. It should be 0v on air off and 24v with air on.

Since I wired like that, all working 100% here.

Good luck.


Thanks a lot for the Air assist Tip !!
Works like a charm too now, really more silent when not needed or on idle.
But I choosed an other type of relay : a solid one, it has longer life because 0 moving parts, and a little bit cheaper too;

I don’t use mechanical relays either…


Ah, i don’t translated your webpage of your relay but are you sure it’s not same like this but not transparent? :grin:

His is a solid state relay … draws about 20mA at 24V and can switch 40A, with a proper heat sink.

These also switch when the ac voltage crosses zero, beneficial to the equipment.


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