TopWisdom using a USB thumb (U-disk) without RDworks (SOLVED)

It took me a while to figure it out, but you can use a U-Disk on red and black with TopWisdom controller. I went hunting for the save as RD Udisk file option in LB which of course wasn’t there because, well I wasn’t using a Ruida machine. So a bit of trial and a lot of error later, I can now write from my MacBook to a thumb drive and then from thumb to the laser.

First I reformatted the thumb to MS DOS (FAT) at the top level of the thumb.

Then I opened Lightburn and found a file I wanted to burn. I used the ‘Save OUT file’ function and saved it to the top level of the thumb (no folders or sub-directories).

After ejecting the thumb from the laptop, I put it in the U-Disk slot on the laser and hit the U-disk button on the controller. It found the thumb and I went to FILE and selected the file I wanted off the U-Disk and read it to memory. Then using the FILE function I found the file on the laser memory and hit READ the file, then hit START and away you go.

I’m posting this because it took me a long time to figure it out and actually began thinking I could only read directly from the MacBook to the laser, assuming that the U-Disk was a Ruida thing and not available on TopWisdom despite the slot being there on the machine. I hope it helps others experiencing the same thing.


Wow you are a life saver i looked online everywhere and couldn’t find anything until your post thank you! i literally made a account just to thank you!! i still cannot connect my computer with my machine but being able to read files on a usb is good enough!

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Great to hear it worked out :slight_smile: And yeah sometimes a workaround is good enough — thanks for your feedback!