Torcen 708s Ethernet connection through WIFI or LAN and Lightburn setup

I have a successful connection using a USB but I am limited by length and don’t feel like constantly moving my laptop all the time. I am trying to set up a connection using ethernet but seem to be unsuccessful. I have a vonet device to bridge or a long ethernet cable to use. Could someone be willing to help walk me through the steps to get it connected? I have a Trocen 708s


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You can use a ‘cheap’ bridge for a wireless connection. That sounds similar to what you have. Of it close enough you can run an Ethernet cable.

You will have to change the machines IP so it resides within your subnet. Keep in mind that the Ruida dose not use DHCP to get it’s IP address, you have to set it.

I changed the ‘gateway’ but since it’s static I don’t know if that is actually required, my training says yes, but didn’t test it. It’s easy to change…

Before you change anything, save these somewhere. Just a good habit.

Do you know about the Lightburn Pi Bridge. I had a Pi laying around so I’m using it with their software.

There is a layer of ‘Lighburn’ software that helps with the UDP issues, from what I understand.

Good luck


I have the 708C version with a Vonets VAP11G.
I set the IP address on the bridge to
then set the IP address of the device (LO-X7) to 192.168.1__.0__ in Lightburn.
this is set under devices (lower right).
I tried a different bridge but it seems to work best using the Vonets.
works well for me.

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Perfect! I will give this a try and see how it goes. Do you put the laser IP address and the IP address of the bridge as the same IP?

I don’t believe the laser has an address. It’s just plugged into the bridge. The bridge in on my home network.

Let me double check this when I get home.

So under network settings in the controller reads:
IP part1 thru 4 reads 192, 168, 001, 000

Nothing that I know of works on Ethernet without an address.

If you use the Ethernet connection on a Ruida controller, it must have an address.


I’m using a Trocen AWC708s controller not a Rudia and from what I have understood from Lightburn PI bridge is that it only works with Rudia. I could be wrong. I’m gonna give Deans method a shot and see what happens later this morning.

The Lightburn bridge advertisement states

The LightBurn Bridge is a pre-configured Raspberry Pi that connects a Ruida controller to your WIFI network.

I ran a ‘cheap’ wifi bridge from Amazon for a number of months with no issues. Probably work equally as well for any Ethernet device.


To assist with clarification, the LightBurn Bridge was not designed for, nor will work with, the Trocen family of motion controllers. Additionally, the LightBurn bridge is not a simple WIFI extender / bridge. It’s a Raspberry Pi running custom firmware that understands the Ruida protocol and alters it, allowing one to use a WIFI network with the Ruida, without fear of packet drops.

The LightBurn Bridge was created by LightBurn to get around some of the limitations of Ruida controllers. Ruida uses the UDP network protocol, which does not guarantee data transmission, and is therefore not reliable enough to use over WIFI. Mac users often do not have a network port on their computers, and running a network cable is often impractical or cumbersome. In addition, Apple’s device driver for the USB connection to the Ruida has issues that often cause data loss.

Please let us all know of your progress. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much! I was able to get it running by setting it up this way!

For everyone else that is trying to set a Trocen type controller. I had to configure my Vontets VAP11G-300 to my WIFI as a hotspot. Then I had to connect it to the laser using the ethernet port on the machine. I had to Input the same IP address of the Vonets into the Trocen controller. Then I had to put that IP address under Devices ( bottom right), create manually, ethernet, and input that same IP address, then follow the rest of the steps prompted my Lightburn.

Now everything loads into the machine and moves to location like I need it to!

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