Total Newbie! Help with cr10s w/ laser

Ok, I’m able to connect the printer via usb. I imported a graphic - tried to print it - the head moves a bit, makes noise. I don’t think I have my homing correct. What should the Z distance be set at? The laser power is controlled by the fan. Where does the “Gcode” go? Is there premade code I can plug in? I guess I need help/guidance from square one. Lasers for dummies…

Thanks in advance! Sorry for the stupid questions.

LightBurn generates GCode under the hood and sends it for you. If you don’t have homing correct, or a front-left origin, you might need to use a workspace offset or otherwise adjust the configuration of the machine to what LightBurn is expecting.

I would recommend starting very simple, with a square or circle drawn in LightBurn. Once you have that working, then move on to imported stuff or images.

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