Total noob, Neje Master 2S, again

on holiday, so I have more time to experiment.
I am on Ubuntu 20.04, LB, just added license code.
The Neje prints the test pass, I can see the device listed on lsusb, but cannot interact with the device…
Maybe it is a permission issue on USB port?
Or you need to setup the ttyUSB0?
Thanks for advice,

or maybe I need additional software? I only have LB on my pc.

You need to do the initial device setup:
Select Device: GRBL, you can assign any name you want to this device
Select Serial/USB
Set your Limits for X & Y.
Set your origin 0,0 lower left.
Then, after you enter that, you’ll have the device shown in the laser tab. You might need to set the connection: ttyUSB0, most likely, but it will be shown in the listbox if it is connected properly. LB will configure the port.

thanks for your message.
My problem was that somehow I could not “see” the plotter.
I thought it was a permission problem, and here it is how I solved it:
you have to be in group dialout
first check if you are not in group:
groups user_me
if dialout not listed, then
sudo usermod -a -G dialout user_me
check again, it should be listed
Now I can see the plotter and will use your advice for sure.

Thanks for providing this information. We also cover this requirement in the documentation here: Installing Lightburn - LightBurn Software Documentation

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