Totem S40 5.5 diode speed is not been manageble

Good day team. I am quite new to this world so please be patient with Me.
I have a Mc Book pro with Mojave OS. I bought a Two Tree Totem S40 laser engraver. Once I opened and put it together I realized the LaserGrble does not work on Mc. Once I installed Lightburn the device is working but I cannot manage to set the speed nor the intensity of the laser. When I go to device, I manually choose the GRBLE M3 and M4 options, but still cannot work the speed out. The configuration docs mention a device Atmega328 which I did not find as an option installing Lighburn. I cannot identify if the motherboard is 8 bit or 32.
The burning time for a tile as an example lightburn says 20 minutes and it take 6 hrs.
I am not sure if I have a hardware or a software issue. I can manage the engraving variables, but the output or final product does not match the expectation. What I am doing wrong?

I believe the Two Tree setup uses Grbl 1.1, but you can verify this when the system first starts. You will want to choose GRBL and follow this setup procedure. Manual Creation - LightBurn Software Documentation

Continue through to the completion of the Simple Project and let us know if you hit snags along the way. :slight_smile:

Hi There Thank you. I have new info. I updated my Mc OS to Big Sur Version 11.3.1. my system is 2.5 Ghz intel i7 memory 16 gig. Let me try your recommendation and I will keep you guys posted

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