Touch Pad Mount for better Lightburn Software Control

So I thought I’d just make a separate thread for this, and I assume this is the best category to put it in.

My Lightburn Computer is across the room from my Monport Laser and when I want to fire off a job, but maybe make some adjustments to my material, or just do a simple “frame” and see how things are going to go… I take my mouse with me, and use it on top of the Laser (since I can see the computer monitor clearly from both locations). But inevitably, once I’m done… I find myself seated back at the computer and I realize I’ve left my dang mouse back at the laser.

A second wireless input device, in the form of a simple two button Touch Pad.

But where to put it…
At first I thought I would just place it on top of the Laser, just above the Ruida Panel, but I had plans to install an Analog Milliamp Meter there (since done), and more importantly, I feared that I might be reaching for the Touch Pad and inadvertently bump down on the Emergency Stop Button and really mess things up. So I jumped into OnShape, my now favorite, free, browser based, Parametric Solid Modeler… and designed a Magnetic Mount for the Touch Pad.

I designed it around a pair of Harbor Freight Magnets, which I keep a stack of, on my metal workbench… they are great for holding things in place on the metal honeycomb bed.

Here’s a couple images of the design file from OnShape:

I printed the parts on my Son’s Ender 3 V2 3D Printer… first the mount (seen here with the magnets glued in, and some rubber stripping to keep the device from sliding down the smooth metal chassis of the Laser):

I had originally thought about attaching the Pad to the new Mount with double sided tape, but I knew I would need access to the bottom of it, if I needed to swap batteries. And I thought about Velcro, but didn’t want it to feel sloppy, so I just added a trim piece around it so it sets right in. Here is the Trim Piece being printed. (Note the cutout for the On/Off switch):

The final product is just great. Now I can control the Lightburn Computer from the Laser, and my mouse is back over at the Computer where it belongs:

And because the Touch Pad is just nestled into the trim piece, I can easily move it anywhere else I might need it.

If anyone is interested these links should be helpful:

Perixx Peripad-704 Touch Pad
Harbor Freight Magnets
OnShape Model



Clever fix!

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