Trace doing just outlines

I am tracing a bmp and just getting oulines of the BMP in the trace. The trace use to be filled just as the BMP looks instead of line outlines. I don’t know what has changed to do this. In the picture the ones on the left are the BMPS and the right are the trace. Lightburn version 9.09

If you set that layer to ‘Fill’, then use the’Preview’ window, you will see the same as represented by your BMP.

You can also turn on ‘Filled’ rendering under the ‘Window‘ menu, but this is not recommended for normal design work as this can be confusing and not represent the true cut as display. ‘Preview’ is your friend. :slightly_smiling_face:

Using Window menu - filled rendering did what I was looking for. The Preview window does not work since I don/t have a controller configured for this computer.

If you are using this computer to set up jobs for the laser you need to choose a controller, or it won’t show you the correct settings, and half the functionality won’t work. There’s a reason it annoys you with this every time you run it.

Even if you never intend to connect to a device you still need to tell it what you’re making the jobs for, and then preview will work too.

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