Trace image works differently on two machines


I’ve two MacBook Pro’s running same MacOS version and same Lightburn version but behave differently when tracing the same image when using the same settings.

Machine 1, does what I want:

Have the traced image filled completely

Machine 2:

Only have an outline of the traced image and not fill it.

I’ve double checked my settings when tracing, both machine have the same settings:

If needed I’ve a screencast of both machines when traceing the image.

What I’ve tried:

  • Restart Lightburn
  • Redownload the image
  • Switched to Line and back to Fill
  • Changed color of the layer

I’m out of ideas why machine 2 does a diffrent job on the Trace Image. Maybe I overlooked something? Hope some one can give me some advice.

Hello Sander,

To be certain both Macs have exactly the same settings you can use the Bundle feature to migrate all settings, definitions, and libraries over.

File > bundles > Export on 1 mac
File > bunldes > Import on the 2nd mac.

Seems to me though you have different render behavior
Edit > settings.
Fill Rendering might be selected in one and not the other.

You can also toggle this in the window menu


Thanks! I wasn’t aware of this setting and yes this was the case. Wireframe / Smooth was selected on the Machine 2 and Filled / Smooth on Machine 1…

Also thank you for pointing out how To Sync my settings!

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