Trace tool is inverting the image

Windows 10, LightBurn 0.9.07, Ruida controller

I have not seen this happen before, it is not a real problem since it is easy to flip the traced image back to the original orientation. But I am curious why this is happening.

My customer sent me a word doc with the art work they wanted to be engraved. I save the Word doc as a PDF to import the images correctly into LightBurn. All that seemed to work perfectly.

Here is the bitmap image as it imported into LightBurn

I select the bitmap and click on the Trace Image tool and this is what I get.

The image traced nicely, but it flipped it over the X axis. I use the Trace function all the time and have never seen this happen before. The only reason I can think of is that something odd happened to the bitmap as was converted to PDF from MS Word. But I don’t understand how, since a Bitmap image should just be a bit map.

I have attached to LightBurn file with this bitmap image in it.

Trace image is inverted_backup.lbrn (20.2 KB)

They probably flipped it in the PDF.

Import any bitmap file (JPEG, PNG, BMP, etc), select it and hit ‘V’ to vertically flip it. Then trace - it’ll do the same thing. The result will be inserted back into the project with the correct orientation.

So the Trace preview screen shows it inverted, but when I accept the trace it draws the vectors in the correct orientation. It is only the preview that behaves oddly.

It’s expected / as designed behavior - it’s showing you the image in the trace window in it’s original, un-altered orientation, then inserting the resulting vectors into the project with the orientation matching how you have it in the project.

If I invert the bit map in LightBurn using the “Mirror selection Vertically” button and then use the Trace option the vector image is always shown in the correct orientation, in the preview and when accepted. Why would it not show it in the original unaltered orientation then?

Strange - mine works as I described. Might also have to do with orientation / origin settings.

My machine origin is in the upper right of workspace

The start from is set to user origin in the upper right

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