Traced Image will not Convert to Path

I design wood barn quilts and want to cut the wood pieces on my laser. I designed the quilt in a quilting software and exported it as an EPS file. I converted it to a JPEG and then imported it to LB. I then had to trace it because it imported the entire page of the original document while my design was tiny in the corner. In effect I traced it to perform a kind of crop operation if that makes sense.
So, my next step needs to be to pull the image apart into its individual shapes (rectangles and trapezoids) in order to rotate those and cut each one of the grain of the wood for each color, but I cannot convert to a path. When I select my design the Convert to Path under Edit is not lit up to be selectable.
This is my first project and I have gotten this far by watching lots of tutorial videos, but I don’t know where to go from here. Did I design the file incorrectly?

Thank you!!

it can sometimes be difficult to see if an object is selected or not but that it can not be selected at all I have not experienced, can you send a small sample or your “problem” up here?

Is it grouped by chance? This would be indicated with a dash-dash-dot marquee around the selection. Ungroup the resulting shapes from the Trace, they are already vector paths. :wink:

It is grouped, but it will not allow the function to ungroup. I tried that. Thank you!

You can see that the image is selected, but I can’t choose ungroup or Convert to Path.

This icon will ungroup everything. It’s active, so there is actually something to ungroup:

… I also fell over that :wink:

To help, the ‘Ungroup’ choice is under ‘Arrange’ menu, not the ‘Edit’ menu, has an icon button, (shown in red circle image from @sutick), and can also be accessed via hot key (Ctrl + U for windows, ⌘ + U on macs) and the right-click context menu.

As I mentioned, Trace Image creates vector paths, so you do not need to convert these to paths. They are already paths so you are not given that option.

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