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Hi everyone really new to this I would like to trace out templates I have of dog clothes. The idea being that I can cut the different fabric shapes that make the clothes. The issue I am having is that the trace line is not smooth at all and the settings on the trace window dont seem to help. Is there a way to smooth out my rough templates shapes?

How big are the parts?, can you post a “test part” here?

Hi so the designs can vary in size most are for Chihuahua size dogs, puppies etc

As long as the subjects are as clear and relatively simple as in your material, I will trace the original and use the function “optimize selected shapes” afterwards.
I could also come up with drawing or constructing the items based on the tracing result, as long as they are relatively simple.

In the picture, there is “only” the traced original and even a little with the optimize function and the offset function.

How many parts are there in this cute little dog costume?

The “constructed” one will look like this.

Hi bernd the constructed version is very impressive but it looks complicated to arrange? or is that just looking with my newbie lenses I think that? We have a few popular harnesses that are a similar simple outline and than beautified after although the winter coat designs can be 4 pieces with multiple layers. But for us at the moment the more simple 1 piece designs are more popular so it would be ideal for us to be able to cut these out on the laser.

Often it is not necessary to “construct” the subjects if just the scanned image is good enough.
The actual construction of your scan is not so bad, I work a lot and gladly with the “limited” options that we have in LightBurn, but of course I also have a little experience.
You can send the “rest” of the dog suit as a PM and I will look into it.

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Thanks Bernd I really appreciate that

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