Tracing Difficult Images

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I’m trying to trace some images to get the outline of the details instead of a full engraving. However, as you can see in the attached image the shadowing really throws a wrench in the works. I’ve tried half a dozen different programs to no avail. Would really appreciate any potential solutions as I’m beginning to think the trace will have to be done manually.

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You may be correct about the manual aspect. Unless you consider the option to create a greyscale bitmap and engrave in that manner, you’d have to determine each area of color manually in order to get something resembling your objective. I’ve approached a similar image, a family coat-of-arms and threw in the towel, as it was far too complex to simplify to a vector image.

Bummer, was thinking of getting some cheap labor to do that side of things via upwork or fivver. What did your SoP look like for the manual side?

I’m not sure what SoP means, but the original art was as complex and as colorful as the crown in your work.

I may not understand the desired results, but here are two versions of Image Trace, using your artwork. Note the settings to do similar. :slight_smile:

Additionally, I have found that complex designs with shading might require doing a few versions of image trace to build a composite or stack of shapes, each capturing a different part of the art.

There’s not going to be an easy way… I used gimp on a much less colorful graphic. I followed this process, I believe… one for each color.

The original was Marvin…

With gimp, I separated each color, something like this… left to right white, black, yellow, brown, green and red …

Ended up with this in Lightburn…

You have a lot more colors and I don’t know how you would translate them for burning…

I did this for the fiber and I’m hoping to come up with some type of colors on stainless…

Good luck


Thanks for all the replies folks! I’ll def give these recommendations a go - didn’t realize how awesome this community was <3

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