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I am having an issue with my Thunderlaser and Lightburn. I send a file to the controller/laser and I track it to get the head in the correct position. Problem is that the tracking of the head covers much more real estate than the actual object in the file. I shut the laser off and turned it back on to no avail. Also checked that my bed size dimensions are correct in the software.

Just stuck here and would very much appreciate any help.

Thank you, Jim

Can you elaborate on what you mean by this? I don’t understand. Do you mean using the frame buttons?

Can you show what the file looks like in LightBurn?

Hi Oz, to

I will try to explain it better. I have a file that is, let’s say 2 inches high by 8 inches wide. I send this file to the laser and I press the origin button on the controller and then press the frame button to see the path of the laser head. When it frames the file it frames it much larger than the object size in the file. For sake of argument, let’s say18 inches by 24 inches. There is no way for me to tell the laser head where to start, even when telling the software to use User Origin in the center position.


I will try to

Anyone have a solution or understand my issue here?

Pictures and screen shots would definitely help.

A simple rectangle 2×1 inch, centered in the workspace, would be a good starting point for discussion. Draw that, upload the *lbrn2 file, and everybody can take a look at it. If you can, make a video of the machine’s behavior while framing that rectangle, drop it on Youtube (or wherever), and add the link here.

Hi Ed,

I turned my machine on this morning and it worked properly, so I cannot duplicate the issue for you now. I am sure it will occur again. When it does I will send you the information at that time.

Thank you,


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