Traducion al idioma español (Translation into Spanish)

Why are not all the words translated in the Spanish language?
Currently there are 591 million Spanish-speakers being the third language in the world

Lo siento, este es el foro de Lightburn. Tienes que preguntarle a Google.

Sorry, this is the Lightburn forum. You have to ask Google.

This is a valid question. LightBurn is intended to be Multi-lingual. There has been vigorous conversation about updating translations internally. I’m expecting more conversation about it this week.

Spanish is not the only language in need of work on our part. Please do not take it as an offense that Spanish translations are incomplete. I can safely say the delay in translation is caused by impending feature sets but I can’t say much more.

I will come back and answer more completely when more is known.

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To help Lightburn, you are obviously an authority for Spanish. Please tell the Lightburn team which words you find which are not, or are improperly, translated. They may not even be aware of the problem words.

I have found the LB team to be very responsive to requests. I complained about a missing pop-up hint and it was fixed in the next release of the software. In other words, if they do not know what is broke, they cannot fix it.

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Not me, the only exposure to Spanish for me was Grade School and Educational Programming on KSPS / PBS. Sesame Street, Electric Company and a tv show called Zoom out of Boston. My French is also terrible but I can pick out some of the words when they are spoken.

Most of the discussion is around growth and additional features. The obviously absent words carry the English Labels. These are easy enough to identify and address. The near miss translations, or the wildly (comically) inaccurate translations might demand a more formal review to resolve. My Manager is storing specific granular information as it comes up in the Support email channel.

We have also had several folks volunteer to help.

Thank you, yes, we make a concerted effort to be responsive. Some tasks that seem like they might be easy (like translations) - simply aren’t easy - even if I don’t fully get ‘why’, I trust the leadership here and their broader understanding of issues.

I’m a details guy.

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