Trailer Park Boys on white tile

Loved this show

2.5 watt Eleksmaker Black-N-blue Nano

LightBurn White tile method


Nice work you hoser!

Is there any way, anyway at all to achieve that with my 100 watt co2 machine?
Bulldog you are killin’ me with these outstanding photos


From my laser group
Dan Miller Nicky Norton Nicky!! I think I’ve finally gotten an solution to what I was doing wrong and I wanted to tell you so the next guy who asks you you can help. So unlike most people my problem was I was putting in like 9 times the laser power and apparently just vaporizing the paint (and a little ceramic too)
If anyone ever asks and you happen to remember,
Unit K40
40w c02
Good settings (first couple tries I’ll need to dial it it)
100-150mm/s (yes seconds)
4-6ma power

I was using 50mm/s and 12-15 amps… Talk about burning the boat down to light a candle