Tranfer lightburn 1.6

I just installed lightburn 1.6 on a new computer and I did the export/import steps in the document and it didn’t trannfer my cut files and art library even though they were checked. Is there something else i need to do. Also when I go into File/Open for a project lightburn tries to open up the files from my documents even though I have it saved to the desktop so is there a setting to have it open up the one on the desktop.
Thanks for your help,

Hi Todd,
If you know, where your art files are located, you can just load them into LightBurn in the Art Library window. Or did I miss understand your point?

As for the ‘File > Open’ dialogue, it opens the last used location on your computer.

Can you clarify what you mean by “cut files”? Are you referring to Material Libraries, or Projects? The Bundle system does not include project files, but Material Libraries should be included.

If you’re willing to share the bundle here, we can take a look and see if the Art Library (and Material Library) imports correctly.

LightBurn will remember the last file path you used to open a project, so if you open a project saved to your desktop, that is the location the file explorer will show first, when you go to open another project.

I was able to point lightburn to open the correct folders after I manually selected the folder and then logged out of lightburn and then rebooted my computer and then reopened lightburn. It did not transfer over my art library, materials library or cut and engrave files so I put all my files on a flash drive and transferred them individually to the new computer.
It was a bit more hassle but I’m good to go now.
Thanks for your help.

I came up with another question after transferring everything I now show duplicate lasers in the laser tab for my Roly MK2. How do I delete the duplicate ones so I just have 1 to choose from the drop down selections…Thanks

In your laser tab, Click on Devices>Select the one you want to get rid of>Click on Remove:

I knew I was missing something. That worked…Thanks

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