Transfer camera settings to "New" laser

I changed the connection of my Omtech Polar 350 from USB to Ethernet. Now the camera view is distorted. I would like to somehow get the camera settings from the USB profile and transfer them to the Ethernet profile. Where are these settings stored? in the preferences or ini files? These are backed up so I could use them to cook something up, if I only knew which sections to cut and paste from one to the other.
Any suggestions are appreciated. I sure don’t want to have to set up the camera again… :grinning: .
Thanks for your help.

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As far as I know how you talk to the controller doesn’t effect the camera.

Isn’t your camera connected via usb? The only camera support I know of is via usb, but I don’t have a polar.

Did you create a new device or did you edit the one that worked?


Is it possible that the lid isn’t fully closed or that the camera was bumped while making this change?

If you import an early set of preferences (File > Import Prefs) you can get the camera information back into LightBurn. Then you can change the communications settings to what you have now, you should be back to an undistorted camera - unless you bumped it.

Thank you Jack and John.

I think I’m OK now. I think what i did wrong was to create a new device using the new interface type choice. Maybe that’s what did it. But choosing the USB Polar device and then changing the interface, from USB to Ethernet, seems to have fixed it.

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