Transfer images/text out of lightburn to vcarve pro cnc program

Hello we are new to lightburn and laser itself. we designed a rummy game on lightburn. we will be burning all the text and images of the game onto wood using lightburn. we then want to drill the peg holes and cut in card pockets using our cnc router. Is there a way to save what we did in lightburn into a different format like .BMP, .JPEG, GIF, TIF, TIFF or some other format so I can transfer it to vectric vcarve pro. thank you

File → Export

Save as .ai, .dxf, .svg

Thank you Hank. It worked perfectly. I was hoping there was an easy way for us to communicate between the 2 machines.

Just as @Hank suggested. I thought to reply to mention what you’re setting out to do (export and bring into VCarve Pro), is something I do often as well for similar purpose. And as I am sure you are aware, the UI of VCarve Pro is dated. Also, VCarve Pro is not the most intuitive UI. I now much prefer to do all of my CAD design in LightBurn even if no laser work is involved. There are only a few functions within VCarve Pro’s CAD that I need and when or if I need to use them, I just do as much design work as possible in LightBurn first. But that CAD functionality gap closes more and more upon every release.

Hello Jeff. yeah when I downloaded lightburn I was quite impressed on the amount of different buttons that there were for a $40 program, compared to $700 for vcarve. My wife will be using our laser more than I will so she has been studying lightburn a lot more than I have. I imagine that I will be moving over to using lightburn more as time goes on. But for the moment I probably stick with vcarve at least until things slow down a little here. thank you

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