Transfer Laser 1 to Laser 2 Settings By Default

I often set up complicated projects remotely. Since you cannot save a dual-head laser profile, I have to set up all my settings for laser 1. When I open this file on the dual-head laser computer, my laser 2 often has completely different settings. For instance, a Black layer on Laser 1 might be 60power and 30 speed, but when it opens on the laser computer laser 2 is 20 power and 20 speed. To be honest I’m not 100% sure when most people would run both lasers at different powers, so it would be a nice feature to just copy over laser 1 to laser 2 as the default and that can be changed if need be.

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Totally agree but it would be even better if it saves the settings I had, and opens them too when the laser is off line.

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