Transferring lightburn info to another computer

I bought a new labtop for the lightburn I use for my burn, How can I transfer all info I on my old labtop to the new labtop? Like the saved projects I have already done . Thank You. Ken

To ensure you have the same LightBurn configuration on both systems,

On the source machine:

File > Open prefs folder.
Close LightBurn
Copy the prefs.ini file somewhere

On the target machine:

File > Open prefs folder
Close LightBurn
Copy the backed-up prefs.ini file over the existing one

It’s important on the target machine to close the software before you copy over the prefs, as they are written on shutdown (window placement, etc.)

You can ‘Export’ single device profiles, then ‘Import’ on the new system as well. For any Library files, copy the .CLB and .LBART files you want to transfer. I would also look to duplicate the fonts installed on the old system as well to ensure all previous files work as expected.

If you cannot find / use the same font on this new computer, convert the existing text to paths first on the old computer, then they will produce as expected when run without access to the original font.

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