Transfert licences difficulties

hello, i’m french and i have a low level in english

i have 2 portable computer with lightburn using the same licence, the first is on my personal computer (at my home) for when i prepare a project, and for make the test when i upgrade my laser machine

the second computer is the computer of my company, this computer is now always near the laser. i don’t use this one evry days
i discover monday the hdd have die, just when i need it to do a work, i have use an other computer with a trial version to the job at the moment,

my licence is one a other email account, the licence is expired, i have try to folow the FAQ to disconect the licence of the died computer, but i haven’t find how to do it by the licence manager,

i don’t want to disconect the licence on my personal computer

and i have an important question because my licence was expired, if we disconect the licence on a cumputer do i cant re-used it on after the new installaton on the new hard drive ?

i can give the email of the licence account to an admin in private message
my last name is in my email adress for this account, and is a part of my company name and his email adress

the name of the computer with the died hard drive is “atelier”

Here are the steps in the license manager to fix this.

  1. Login to license manager.
  2. Click the key of the license you want to fix.
  3. Click Activations.
  4. Pick the computer you want to remove the license from
  5. Push 3 dots button, then delete.
  6. Confirm the delete.

If for some reason this doesn’t work for you then email with your specific email address information and let them know the name of the computer you want to keep and they can help you.

thank’s i haven’t see the 3 points, perhaps i’m blind

It’s in the same circle as the delete. Upper right.

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