Transform attribute with scale not interpreted in SVG file


I have a tag not interpreted in my SVG file

< g

This is well interpreted in browsers (chrome, firefox etc…), inkscape. But not in Lightburn.

Is it a bug ?

Thank you

I’m not a wizard with svg internals… but I think scale appears to be a web css function, not an svg standard… I would expect Mozilla to recognize it.

I don’t think it’s a bug in Lightburn. I’m pretty sure someone will come along that knows…


Hello Jack,

Thanks for your response but i’m not sure because the transform scale seems to be a SVG standard
Source : Coordinate Systems, Transformations and Units – SVG 1.1 (Second Edition)

I’ll check out the link… There are lots of strange things created in both svg and dxf file that don’t always look right in Lightburn. I don’t know the intamicies of how the software handles it, but there is lots of discussions in lots of places as why svg varies.

I didn’t see it in the Mozilla documentation that I posted… are you sure it’s supported by Mozilla?

How would you/or I know it’s rendered in the right proportions on a web page?


You could find the scale in the mozilla documentation here : transform - SVG: Scalable Vector Graphics | MDN

To know if it is the right proportions in web page, I change the number of the scale.

You’ll have to have one of the Lightburn people answer this.

Maybe @Johnjohn can advise us about issues with svg files.

All I know is they seem far from a standardized format, as does dxf…

Good luck


Interesting, thanks for letting us know.
I’m asking the team about this right now.

Thanks for chiming in… I’m pretty light on the internals of an svg… I got enough junk I need to know jammed into the small area of the brain I use. :crazy_face:


Would it be possible for you to send the SVG file to (or just attach it here, if it’s ok for it to be posted in public)?

Scale is handled by LightBurn’s SVG importer, so I’m wondering if there’s something about your file that’s causing a problem. Also, you’ve only said “it’s not interpreted”, but you’ve given no indication of why you believe this is the case.

No problem. I just sent you an example on your email.

How was this SVG file made? I ask because it looks like it was cobbled together with parts from a bunch of SVG files with their content stripped out or something…

It has 43 “svg” tags in the file (a normal SVG file has only one), and all but one of those contain no renderable content, just a size, a transform, a group, and some IDs. It’s a bizarrely constructed file.

I’ve removed all the garbage and emailed it back. :slight_smile:


It is possible to have nested SVGs.
Examples :

My file is a “patchwork” of many embedded SVGs.

The original file was bad interpreted by Lightburn.
So, I applied a combine action from inkscape to recalculate paths.

I juste send you other files to understand