Transform/ Free Transform tool to skew image or text

Most cups/tumblers have a taper to them./ Many images, especially circular will become egg shaped, oval or skewed. I typically have to compensate for this in illustrator with a transform tool or perspective tool. I can grab any corner of the image and drag it out. Any chance for this tool to be implemented.
It would also help to get neat perspective images on flat work as well.

Sure is! I find you already listed as a desired feature on our feature voting site. Can you get some more friends to add their support as well. :wink: Bumps it up on the list.

Yes I did but honestly I couldnt find my original post. When I signed in it showed I had no activity. Anyway. I really appreciate the software and the amazing updates. I hope others will understand and value the importance of the SKEW! Thanks!

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