Transversal move speeds

what dictates the transversal speeds indicated below? what, if any, optimization and/or configuration settings are available… and where?

I believe in a traversal moves that the controllers max speed are used.


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Additionally, in case others come looking at this, for g-code lasers this value can be overridden with the “Fast Whitespace Scan” speed in Device Settings.

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thanks for the input. found it for ruida. line shift speed in the vendor settings. :slight_smile:


“line shift speed” is how fast it goes when jumping the small y distance to the next raster line. I’m not sure it would apply to jumping to another raster

I believe “idle move speed/accel” are used here instead

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thanks. i’ll play around with them a bit

i too am quite confident it’s ‘Idle speed’ what you’re after.

first time i started up this was set way to high for my setup by default and motors drew so much power the controller fainted. after dialling this down everything behaved well.

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